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What We Do
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VM Design Group
VM Design Group
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Scope of our project

Scope of Work for Architectural & Interior Design Services

The services rendered by Architect to client will be as follows:
  1. To visit the site and taking down the measurement in details.
  2. To present the client with synopsis of design and approximate budget.
  3. To prepare lay out plans for initial approval.
  4. To specify and details of different items for purpose of taking estimates from different contractors.
  5. To help the client in selection of contractors for different works.
  6. To supervise work performed by the contractors on the site.
  7. To certify the work done by the contractors for the purpose of payment.
  8. Consultancy & Services will include the following:
    1. Architectural:
      1. Key Plan
      2. All required floor plans
      3. Elevation & Sections
      4. Working Details
      5. Electrical Plans
      6. Tender Documentation, if required
      7. Selection of Contractors & Vendors
      8. Selection of Materials
      9. Site Visit by Architect
      10. Project Management

    2. Interior:
      1. LayoutPlan
      2. Ceiling Design
      3. Flooring Design
      4. Toilet and Kitchen Design
      5. Room Interiors
      6. Color Combinations
      7. Furnishing Selection
      8. Wooden Details
      9. Plumbing Drawings
      10. Electrical Drawings

    3. Site Supervisor

    4. Associate Consultants:
      1. Structure
      2. Landscaping
      3. HVAC Consultants
      4. Vastu & Astrology